The absence of seams and joints in the floor significantly increases the ease of operation. Self-leveling seamless concrete flooring ensure that there is no accumulation of dirt in the joints, convenient for cleaning.

Seamless flooring is the universal quality of all floors.They do not slip and do not smell. Blends based on quartz sand and polyester resins are environmentally friendly, dust-free and solidify within a few hours. Acrylic filling floors will be appropriate in chemical laboratories, canteens, dairies - where acid is actively present.

Jointless Flooring Application Area:-


The thickness of the seamless bulk floors is not more than 5 mm, and the properties of these coatings largely depend on the composition of the mastics.Under the deformation seam means a composite and very important part of any floor of concrete. Seams can be of several types:


Any deformation in the seams should be filled with sealants that have special properties (resistance to mechanical stress, good elasticity, etc.). After the seams were filled with sealants and the polymer coating was applied, we obtained a monolithic seamless floor.

In seamless floors, there are no joints which, when manufacturing industrial floors, can cause very serious inconvenience when moving machinery or people. In addition, often joints become the place due to which the destruction of polymer floors. The most important thing is that self-leveling seamless floors are very convenient to use, since they do not need special care or cleaning.

This type of Concrete floors can be divided by type of polymer into epoxy and polyurethane. There are other types of polymer coatings (alkyd, methyl methacrylate, acrylic), but in their properties, as well as the ratio of price and quality, for industrial purposes, epoxy and polyurethane self-leveling seamless coatings are most often used.

A wide range of polymeric seamless floors of the most diverse shades will allow you to choose the color you need for creating an interior.


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