A tribute to the material beauty of concrete

With the effect of an original complex of futuristic design, it is perfectly integrated in the surrounding landscape. The whole design was created from the perspective of reducing the visual impact and safeguarding the local biodiversity. Large panoramic windows connect the exterior and interior and make the display spaces extremely bright.

For the interiors, exposed concrete was again used, both for the walls and the ceilings; in line with the style of the room, a concrete floor was required with a finish that was not completely smooth in order to better render the material effect of the surface. The Ideal Work company was selected for the interior floors because it specialises in the use of decorative concrete and due to significant references in the artistic-architectural sphere. For this project, a traditional Nuvolato Floor was created (8-12 cm thick) for which various shades of grey were sampled.

To obtain a concrete effect, Ideal Work makes various systems available that also work at very low thicknesses, down to 3-4 mm, as required in restoration works and without the need for demolition.To make the surface more durable, certain protective treatments were applied. Specifically: Colour Hardener, a solution that doubles the normal resistance to abrasion and wear compared to normal concrete; Ideal Hard thickener that increases the surface resistance of concrete floors subject to pedestrian and vehicular traffic by up to 127% compared to traditional, untreated floors. Floors treated with Ideal Hard last longer and are guaranteed dustproof for 10 years; Petrotex-s finally, makes concrete surfaces resistant to water and oil.


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