Approved Contractor "Ideal Works"

Ideal Work will, in this way, become involved in the world of cultural patronage and in doing so, confirms its commitment to the world of art. The company includes among its references collaboration projects with Starchitects, including Tadao Ando and Oscar Niemeyer.

This initiative stems from Ideal Work's desire to enhance and ennoble their image, by recovering a spirit of belonging to a land rich in history, art and culture. A different path to innovation has been chosen, by creating a base for the company on the strong foundation of the area's history. The company is now ready to face the world and grow, with the strength of its origins.


The choice of the most prestigious and beautiful Basilica in the World is not random, but stems from the company philosophy that an entrepreneur and his business must play a leading role by taking on the responsibility of ensuring that beauty can be experienced and admired by future generations.

This initiative saw the collaboration of the Procurator of San Marco and Fondaco ( Special thanks to all Ideal Work's collaborators and clients who have made it possible to contribute to this initiative

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