Café New One

Passing through the streets of Olomuc, a major centre of historical and cultural importance in the heart of Bohemia, it is impossible not to notice the beauty of the monuments dating from various eras. With its curved, sinuous forms, that flow naturally along the facade, embellished with rich decorations, the twentieth century building that houses Café New One is a typical example of Art Nouveau

Thanks to a painstaking redesign by the designer Mgr A. Jan Nedvěd  (Nedved Architekti), the place was entirely restructured. The area is now made up of two completely open, interconnected floors, with a large staircase skilfully made with slabs of precious opal stone that harmoniously blend with the sparkling chandeliers of modern and vintage design.

The lower area has been turned over to the café, while the upper area is multifunctional, available as a location for events, exhibitions, displays and shops. The industrial core has given life to a space where many styles coexist – from vintage design to the most minimal modernity and the Zen style – in which no element has been left to chance but was guided by extreme attention to detail and the selection of sophisticated furniture and accessories

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