• How heavy is the furniture?

    • The furniture that we manufacture is not heavy. Our range deals with lightweight concrete products. The products use hollow casting technology and this, in turn, reduces the mass of concrete, thereby making it lightweight.


  • Is it indoor and outdoor friendly ?

    Yes, it is both.

  • Since concrete is porous in nature, is it susceptible to oil and other stains ?

    The surface is coated with water-based permeable sealer that does not allow any kind of stain to stick to the surface or penetrate.

  • Can I get the furniture custom-designed?

    Yes, you can get customized furniture made or can order from our range of designs.

  • Does the furniture fade/crack?

    The furniture comes with a warranty of 1 year against cracking, fading and delamination.

  • What type of sub-base is required for micro-concrete flooring?

    Tile, PCC, Concrete, marble are few examples of sub-bases required for micro-concrete flooring.

  • What is the required floor margin/thickness for such flooring?

    While natural concrete is recommended to be 60mm thick, CONVOW, has re-engineered a micro-concrete which can be laid as thin as 2.5mm, with all other properties of concrete remaining the same.

  • Does the natural concrete floor or micro-concrete floor crack?

    Though natural concrete has the tendency to crack, through high-end expertise in execution, we ensure that it does not. Micro-concrete is 100% crack-proof when laid on recommended surface.

  • Are there any chances of product getting delaminated from the sub-base as it is very thin?

    No, it does not. Also, for such an episode, we provide a 3-year warranty for retail / commercial projects and a 5-year warranty for residences.

  • Can I get coloured floors, walls or furniture of my choice?

    Yes, we provide different colour palettes, systems, for different products—top colouring system and integral colouring system.

  • What is micro-concrete?

    Micro-concrete is kind of an engineered concrete with all contents similar to natural concrete but in compressed and nano form, added with special polymer-based admixtures to make it more flexible/user-friendly and a crack-resistant product.

  • Do you offer customisation of furniture?

    Yes, we do.

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