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Microtopping is a healthy, green and environment friendly choice

MicroTopping does not contain solvents that are harmful to health, it does not give off toxic substances and has a low environmental impact due to its water-based formulation – these are the reasons why Microtopping is a “green” and environmentally-friendly choice.  What’s more, Microtopping is a “healthy” choice: living in a healthy environment means using products that do not release harmful substances. It has been subjected to rigorous testing in order to show that, once applied and dry, it does not release any harmful substances into the air.

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Café New One


Café New One, located in an early 20th century building in Olomuc in the Czech Republic, is an ambience that brings together modern and vintage design in the best possible way. Microtopping was chosen to enhance the building and give continuity to the material effect of the retro-style space, without giving up the flawless functionality of the cement covering of Ideal Work. Microtopping elegantly covers the floor and walls and, thanks to its impermeability and resistance to moisture, was also used in the Zen bathroom, producing a sophisticated look.

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Approved Contractor "Ideal Works"

ideal works
Ideal Work looks increasingly abroad, but it remains a brand with a strong link to its country of origin, Italy. For this reason, the company strongly wanted to help support the historical and artistic heritage of the Veneto region. With the project "Ideal Work supports art", the company will finance the restoration of the part of the Saint Mark's Basilica in Venice, in the area located in front of the Madonna Nicopeia altar. The work will begin within the next few weeks and is expected to be completed in July 2015.

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