Concrete Flooring


Representing an assemblage of ideologies, inventiveness and dexterity, each and every component in our living spaces communicate more than what we aim to engrave. In addition to the aesthetic beauty delivered, the feel of luxury, richness and esteem can be easily felt with appropriate amalgamation of concepts, materials, shades, designs, textures, patterns, etc… while planning the layout for interior as well as exterior décor. Gently giving a touch of serenity, infinity and grace, floors emerge to be one of the most essential constituents in crafting and developing a living space. Equally complementing other elements such as walls, ceilings, furniture, décor items, windows, etc… it is essentially a prime concern to focus upon developing floors that uniformly sync with the beauty and radiance to the core.


concrete flooring


With a wide spectrum of readily available materials, one can choose amongst a variety of flooring options in residential or commercial set up. Choosing laminate flooring, hard wood flooring, stone flooring, tiles flooring, carpet flooring, etc… may term and sound to be a symbol of pride, sensation and flash but cannot succeed in giving that everlasting touch. Laminate flooring popularly recognized as a cheap replacement of wood is prone to fading color, dissolution due to water and gives difficulty in getting a replacement for matching up with the shade. Hardwood flooring on the other hand is prone to attract and settle moisture within it; thus resulting into a swollen wood flooring. Stone flooring is prone to collect water which makes it wet and slippery at the same time. Moreover, installation and maintenance of stone flooring becomes a costly affair as well. Tile flooring possesses the properties of dust accumulation, difficulty in cleaning, breakage, skid and eventually creating an unhygienic environment.

Being a beautiful addition to the family of décor, concrete undoubtedly gives a wide scope of ideas and innovations to venture into. Concrete flooring solutions due to its inherited properties is durable, tough, sturdy and resistant to heavy loads. Anti skid and resistant to chip and scratch, concrete flooringrequires less amount of maintenance in comparison to others. Being a green and environmental product, it ensures hygiene, cleanliness and dust free aura for living. To add vibrancy and liveliness, concrete flooring gives several options for colors, shades, designs and types to venture into.

Superseding the expectations set for residential and commercial flooring, concrete flooring emerges to be a unique, elegant and premium décor solution serving every need. Striving for excellence, CONVOW brings in a wide range of splendid, impressive and aristocratic concrete flooring solutions that beautifully craft your living space into a masterpiece. Considered as the true pioneers of floorings, CONVOW skillfully presents a collection of varieties, shades, styles, patterns, types, etc… for laying it in any area of a living space. Instead of continuing the trend of conventional flooring styles, concrete floors opens doors for innovation, creativity and imparts delight to one’s eyes. Transforming and defining the essence of living spaces, CONVOW excels in manufacturing, carving and implementing flooring solutions in residential as well as commercial spaces. Eliminating the ruggedness and leveling the floor, polished flooring exemplifies the delight of living in a luxurious setup. Strengthening the floor to the core, polished concrete flooring gives a dash of sheen, anti-skid and lustrous look and feel to the décor. Micro Concrete  is an excellent flooring solution for enhancing and imbibing novelty to the texture and aesthetics of pre-developed floors; preserving the essence and ingenuity of concrete. Meeting requirements for customized  flooring with utmost ease, CONVOW also excels in developing Terrazzo Floorings for living spaces.

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