Concrete Walls

Embedded with a dash of innocence, purity and an excitement to construct the world of your dreams, every element present in our living spaces hold great importance at every miniscule level. It becomes highly essential for us to focus deeply on every aspect in bringing and showcasing a caliber of perseverance, perfection and excellence by integrating our interior and exterior décor beautifully. Facilitating a right balance and integration in space planning, furniture, flooring, ceilings, lighting, etc… the walls in our living space contribute greatly in developing an excellent, well-crafted and supreme piece of artwork.

Where creativity brings unbounded and matchless scope for one and all, it is very easy to brilliantly implement different elements for your walls. Amongst numerous ideas readily present, one can easily go for tiles, wallpapers, wall stickers, feature walls, painted walls, etc… or opt for different interior or exterior finishes in the form of wood paneling, sand textured walls, etc… But what comes readily might not last forever. The beauty might be temporary but the loss can be forever. Tiled Walls are equipped with the property of wear and tear, breakage and dust accumulation; thus giving a shabby look to the décor. Wallpapers or wall stickers can easily tear off or become outdated within a minimum span of time. Moreover with respect to feature walls, painted wall, etc… the color tends to fade away; thus requiring a regular session of painting the walls well in time.

But, with a ready presence of brilliant, sophisticated and a life time solution for embellishing the charm of your walls, we at CONVOW introduce concrete walls that are modern yet antique at the same time. Depicting the beauty, complementing the elegance and crafting a masterpiece for living spaces, concrete walls brings in a touch of ecstasy, vibrancy and affinity that purely reflect unparalleled quest towards perfection. With a growing trend of mixing the modern with the conventional, the concept of concrete walls is popularly bringing a wave of style, popularity and panache in every residential and commercial space. The presence of concrete walls truly complement every area irrespective of being the bedrooms, dining rooms, exteriors of homes, commercial spaces, living area, etc… Concrete walls enable us to play with our creativity and showcase different forms of innovations.

Leading the industry with a visionary mindset, CONVOW is well equipped with every expertise, resource and skill needed in implementing Concrete in your lifestyle. With excellence in developing beautiful, desirable and customized concrete walls, we have state of the art machineries, best in class technological resources, skilled manpower, infinite patterns, shades, colors and most importantly unique ideas for crafting your dream concrete wall. We can easily create concrete walls afresh or give your existing wall a replacement with the touch of micro concrete walls that depict a seamless and smooth feel of soothe. Micro Concrete Walls can be easily developed by giving a 3 MM layer of concrete which ultimately brings radiance and strength to your décor. With easy to implement customization options ready at our end, CONVOW can develop stamped concrete walls or designer concrete walls too for your space.

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