Exposed Concrete

Reflecting a significant sense, impression and persona of historical presence, exposed concrete beautifully transcends the interiors and exteriors of living spaces with an unmatched inclination towards décor. Incredibly beautifying and expressing the artistry, finesse and brilliance of people during the era of Roman Civilizations, Greek Civilization, Byzantine Empire, etc… exposed concrete exemplifies the architectural beauty to the core. By intensifying and accentuating the need to innovate and invent with time, CONVOW presents a wide spectrum of “Concrete Solutions” in the form of diversified implications and utilizations. Blending the aura and environment of living spaces with a touch of historical and modernized concepts, CONVOW excels in introducing concrete in the most versatile, premium and natural way. Outshining as the true vanguards in the concrete industry, CONVOW leverages upon the art of implementing complete exposed concrete solutions; thus giving a different and unique touch of supremacy.

Utilization of exposed concrete irrespective of being in a residential or a commercial space enhances the aesthetic value, look, appeal and feel of the living environment. It greatly exemplifies and enables the onlookers in visualizing and in getting a feel of an Architectural expression of the space in which it is applied. Catering to the social cause of preserving our environment, the concrete structures are left exposed; thus reducing the utilization of finish materials during construction. Strengthening an ambience of natural, green and clean element, exposed concrete can be easily integrated and synced with the modern day architectural concepts; enlivening the touch of creativity and freshness at the same time. According to the definition provided by American Concrete Institute (ACI), exposed concrete is defined as a “concrete exposed as an interior or exterior surface that contributes to its visual character.”

Succeeding greatly in imparting its attributes and properties positively, exposed concrete brings radiance to the living environment in the most meaningful manner. Complementing the mystical and enticing beauty of concrete, exposed concrete can be easily utilized in following manner:

1. Exposed Concrete Walls
2. Exposed Concrete Floors
3. Exposed Concrete Beams
4. Exposed Concrete Columns
5. Exposed Concrete Ceilings

With best in class techniques in house, CONVOW stands high in the process of customization and thereafter imparting every concrete solution required. Perfectly crafted for residential and commercial spaces, exposed concrete walls, exposed concrete floors, exposed concrete ceilings, etc… can be well utilized in enhancing the grace of different spaces.

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