Terrazzo Flooring

Complementing the interiors and exteriors of Venetian, Roman, Greek and Byzantine Empire, Terrazzo Flooring or Terrazzo Floors are back with a bang in conceptualizing and transforming the modern day living spaces into excellent masterpieces. Derived from Italian origin, the term Terrazzo basically refers to a composite material that comprises of granite, marble, glass, quarts and suitable chips that facilitates the creation of exemplary designer Terrazzo Floorings. In order to design and develop Terrazzo Flooring, a mould or precast is created in which Terrazzo is poured simultaneously while laying the flooring. Alongwith this, the chips are poured in the binder which can be either polymeric i.e. physical binding or cement oriented i.e. chemical binding or a mix of both. Post development of Terrazzo Flooring it is further polished to give a uniform, sheen, anti-skid and textured surface.

Standing high in the segment of concrete, CONVOW has succeeded in superseding the caliber and skills needed for defining, crafting and developing concrete in different form, shapes, types, sizes, designs, patterns, etc… Exuberantly playing and processing several innovative ideas for enriching décor in living spaces, CONVOW masters the league of presenting Concrete in different ways of décor solutions such as, concrete furniture, concrete flooring, concrete walls, concrete ceiling, concrete lifestyle accessories, concrete light fixtures and numerous customized concrete solutions for residential and commercial spaces. Equipped with sophisticated equipments, premium machineries, highly accomplished manpower, etc… CONVOW truly introduce Terrazzo Flooring in a unique and different style altogether. Understanding the changing patterns, trends and demands in interiors and exteriors, CONVOW introduces a creative line of Terrazzo Floorings or Terrazzo Floors in residential and commercial space.

Being much in demand from last few years, Terrazzo Flooring is being considered as one of the most creative and unique forms of flooring solutions. Elevating the décor in true form, Terrazzo Floors emerge to be one of the most beautiful floors amongst the others that are presently available. Created with a dash of style, vogue and modernized outlook, Terrazzo Floors are truly natural from the core. With green designs, concepts and techniques in rage, these floors are apt in every form as they are green, clean, durable and efficient. Developed from all natural elements and materials, Terrazzo Floors can be easily recycled; doing every single bit in preserving environment.

Moreover, people who are prone to allergies, sinus problems or face difficulties in breathing should not refrain to install Terrazzo Flooring as these floors possess the qualities and properties of being hypoallergenic. With unmatched strength to beat the pressures, Terrazzo Flooring is exceptionally strong and durable. These floors are non-porous, hence they do not accumulate water, dust, etc… thus eradicating possibilities of moisture, germs, insects, etc… Being easy to clean and eco-friendly, these floorings require less maintenance and efforts. Composed of natural elements such as recycled plastic, glass, processed cement, oyster shell, etc… it increases the longevity of the flooring. Readily available to meet up customized Terrazzo Flooring needs, we at CONVOW design and create vibrant Terrazzo Floorings that will ultimately leave you craving for all of them.

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