Seamless Flooring

Seamless Flooring is the latest innovation in decorative concrete flooring. This technology has been used world wide using the signature jointless product from Ideal Works (Italy). Convow Inc. which is an unit of BGSB Concrete Solutions Pvt.Ltd, is licensed by the international patent holder, for designing and installing the MicroTopping System, Architop (power troweled seam-less floors) and Micro-Terrazzo floors with thickness that ranges from 3mm to 8mm, implimented throughout India and East Africa.

seamless concrete flooring


We use technology that consists of pre-mixed and pre-blended engineered micro concrete with anti-shrinkage material to create a sturdy composite material. These floorings are installed following the standard application process, that results in jointless floors that are more durable and robust to withstand any abrasions.

 Seamless Flooring Advantage:-

  • Its Jointless unlike traditional joints;
  • Suitable for small and big installations;
  • Much Smoother Floors;
  • Without Curling of Joints;
  • No Shrinkage and Crack;
  • Highly Tensile and Flexural ;
  • Faster Installation;
  • More Durability and Hygienic.

Besides, above benefits, Seamless concrete floor coverings are trendy and comes with many color options. In addition, these can be designed and refined using techniques: Our every hand-laid floor is always unique: whether in natural white or dyed, whether shiny or lusterless, smooth.

Jointless floors can be made antibacterial, antistatic, and slip-resistant. The client has a variety of colors to chose from. Seamless floors can be used in almost all areas ie; from homes to factories and shopping malls. be laid in wet rooms, kitchens and living rooms. It is easy to clean and thus reduces maintenance cost as well.

Jointless floors are constructed by pouring larger concrete cubes, without the need to add saw cut control joints on the finished floor surface. The forces that cause the fresh concrete to contract during curing are controlled in other ways, typically including steel fibers and additives in the concrete mix to prevent the soil from cracking.

The result is a smooth floor that requires less maintenance than a conventional floor. The construction of seam-less floor is more adaptable in how it can be used, since the position of the seams does not determine the arrangement.



As companies strive to reduce operational downtime, all measures that keep the floor in good working order and with minimal maintenance are preferred by the industry.

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