Exactly as you want it - Microtopping® is perfect for someone who is looking for a continuous surface, which is natural and innovative, able to make any environment unique. Micro topping is well suited for a minimal and modern environment and gives a classic or rustic look with refined style. Various artistic designs and effects can be created using different implimentation techniques, colours or acid stains, to design your paving exactly as per your wish.

Give continuity to your ideas - Microtopping came into existance as an alternative to joints because it allows to impliment continous interior and exterior surfaces without any joints. Micro-topping is not only suitable for floors, but also for covering vertical surfaces such as masonry walls, staircases,plasterboard bathtubs or Cubicles.

Endless combinations of colours and effects - Due to the special liquid dyes of Colour Pack-C, it is possible to obtain many combinations of colours. The shade and intensity of colour will vary, as per the quantity of dye used. It is also possible to create effects such as polished, silky, cloudy and acid stain as well as providing shades and decorative inserts to form unique, personalised finishing with excellent aesthetics and elegance.

Renews your surface in only 3 millimeters - In only three millimetres of thickness, with Micro-topping it is possible to renew existing surfaces on different substrates (concrete, self-leveling, ceramics, wood, etc.) without removing them.
Our Microtopping methodology offers extraordinary adhesion properties, high abrasion resistance to climatic stress and blends perfectly on floor.

High Performances - Micro topping gives extraordinaty flexibility and resistance and it is easy to use, maintain and
clean. It gives high performances are very high quality, in fact:

  • It has extraordinary adhesion properties to any kind of substrate;
  • It has a high resistance to vehicular and intense traffic;
  • It is provided with good protection from water penetration and de-icing salts;
  • It is provided with excellent protection from UV rays and climatic stress;
  • It has a low environmental impact as Microtopping is a water based product;
  • It has a high heat conductivity, which allows Microtopping to warm up rapidly and therefore to speed up the heating
  • process;
  • Microtopping is safe even on underfloor heating systems because, if warmed up, it doesn't release any

substance and therefore it maintains a good air quality.


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