Polished Concrete Flooring

Polished Concrete Flooring

CONVOW Inc. offers wide range of Polished Concrete options, including Acid Stained floors, and brings a whole new life to traditional “grey” concrete. Using locally sourced aggregates and sand, the highest quality of finish can be achieved via signature process of grinding and diamond polishing. The result is a transformation of normal concrete into an exceptional highly aesthetic, functional, durable, low maintenance and environmentally friendly floor finish. Polished Concrete is suitable for Retail, Domestic, Commercial, Industrial and Institutional applications. Polished concrete floors are natural, highly energy efficient and sustainable compared with other types of flooring systems.

Technical description and application process:

Polished surfaces have been in existence for many years and several tests methods exist to regulate the level of quality. The multi-step operation of mechanically grinding, honing, and polishing a concrete floor surface with bonded abrasives to cut a concrete floor surface and to refine each cut to the maximum potential to achieve a specified level of finished gloss. This yields the most durable finish and requires the least maintenance.

The method refines the concrete mechanically, by removing the top cement paste and exposing the underlying stronger concrete. The floor is ground and polished with diamond tooling. Suitable either for either newly laid slabs or existing concrete floors, the grinding and polishing techniques Alternative Surfaces use produces an aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly finish allowing dirty, grey floors to be transformed into brilliant, easy to clean, environmentally-friendly and durable floors. The environment and your bottom line both benefit too.

Penetrating Acid Stain:

Prepackaged blends of concentrated powdered / liquid metallic pigments formulated specifically for dilution with acetone or methyl alcohol. Penetrating Liquid Floor Treatments for Polished Concrete Finish: Clear, waterborne solution of inorganic silicate or siliconate materials and proprietary components; odorless; that penetrates, hardens, and is suitable for polished concrete surfaces. The surface is further sealed using special water / PU based sealers which repel all kinds of stains.

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