Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete by CONVOW INC., maintains the practicality of concrete yet transforms it into a surface full of aesthetic appeal by recreating the natural beauty of stone, rock, ceramic, brick and even wood. However, the price is definitely more competitive and the laying times are extraordinarily more rapid.


CONVOW distributes Ideal Work’s Stamped concrete system, which is technically a monolithic concrete slab and therefore not subject to sinking or settling, unlike pavers. This is the great difference between continuously reinforced concrete slabs and unit pavers or natural stone all of which, moreover, are more sensitive to thermal shocks. Ideal Work additionally eliminates the problem of weeds growing between individual units and the slabs created are perfect for roads, public squares, cycle paths, pavements, pedestrian areas, shopping malls, hotels, camping grounds and theme parks (which usually require great maintenance).


There are situations in which the flooring must support very heavy loads, for example, access ramps to garages, car parks or others. There is no good reason not to give these places a much more pleasing appearance than would be the case with standard concrete flooring. By treating the surfaces appropriately with special hardeners before stamping, Ideal Work enables the desired colour to be obtained and, moreover, doubles the normal resistance to abrasion and wear and tear compared to normal concrete.


Designs and colours remain unchanged over years because they are integral to the slab itself. They have additional resistance to ultraviolet rays and they require no specific maintenance. Day after day and year after year, Ideal Work floors can be simply swept and washed like any other concrete surface, which will ensure the original characteristics remain unchanged.


The flooring is treated with a special protective sealer that makes it resistant to mould, dust and absorption, and therefore stain-proof. In areas with cold climates, subject to freezing/thawing cycles or in contact with sea water, it is possible to apply a special sealant that makes the surface water-salt repellent and so resistant to extreme agents.


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