Micro Terrazzo Flooring

Micro Terrazzo Flooring

Renaissance of a forgotten art.

In the time of the Romans, terrazzo was a symbol for elegance and endurance. Later on the terrazzo floor spread especially in thriving Venice. Only at the beginning of the last century did this craftsmanship extended over Europe. Villas and upmarket bourgeois houses soon boasted extensive terrazzo works. In the second half of the 20th century terrazzo was increasingly replaced by alternative flooring for cost and time reasons. These fascinating floors, together with other tiled floors are now experience a renaissance.

The rediscovery of this smooth elegance is reinforced by an innovation.

This system combines the great advantages of the classic terrazzo floor such as elegance, extreme durability and longevity with cost effectiveness, without limiting its technical possibilities.

Used for creating a fast track, bonded, rapid hardening, decorative flooring with a fine Terrazzo finish. Designed to be ground to give the final appearance.


LIXIO® Microterrazzo Cementitious topping with marble aggregates optimized for polishing DESCRIPTION LIXIO® is a polymer modified cement based microterrazzo. Using LIXIO® it is possible to create high-end polished surfaces. High quality Italian marble aggregates are used to offer a prestigious and modern floor. With only 5-7 mm thickness it is possible to create a high abrasion resistant surface, ideal for commercial and residential areas such as shops, restaurants, hotels, museum and private villas.




□ Excellent adhesion.

□ Excellent resistance to high traffic.

□ Internal and external application

□ Matt or gloss. Smooth or textured surfaces

□ Large selection of colours and aggregates

□ Resistant to UV rays and harsh weather conditions.

□ Manufactured with low environmental impact (recycled marble aggregates.


Micro Terrazzo tile is available in a variety of textures, colors and size:



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